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Leila answer me ‘Leila Ruddi Allaya’

Leila lives in a high orange tower waiting for Sami, but every time Sami arrives, he calls and calls from down below but she doesn’t answer and he wonders why - until he finally realizes that they may speak a different language.

“Leila Answer Me” is a story dedicated to children with hearing difficulties that was awarded the ‘Best Fiction Book for Children with Special Needs’ from the Anna Lindh foundation.

“There are many ways to communicate, let’s find them together” – Nadine Kaadan.

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Written and illustrated by Nadine kaadan
Paperback, 28 pages
Published in April 1st 2011 by Box of Tales Publishing House
ISBN 9789933910402
Edition Language: Arabic


Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved: Nadine Kaadan